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Marketing 360

Performance Marketing specialized agency

Another way of understanding online marketing

Is there a result marketing?

Absolutely yes, we are a marketing agency specialized in results

Preformance marketing or marketing of affiliation is an advertising strategy based on paying only for the real results obtained, basically paying for the sale obtained or the qualified lead (contact).


Through Digital Marketing we determine the specific channels that help reach your target audience and define the KPIs with which we track and measure the results of your recruitment campaigns

Performance Marketing

Pay only for the actual results obtained

With preformance marketing get free branding and traffic paying exclusively for lead or for sale

Data base

Generation of qualified leads

Currently we develop very ambitious strategies of lead generation, getting more than 40,000 new monthly registrations for some of them

Real Time Bidding (RTB)

Programmatic advertising

Cross-device marketing allows you to reach the right consumer, in the right device and at the right time

Email Marketing and SMS

Checked openings

We design campaigns of high notoriety with creative concepts and proven functionality through behavioral studies of users that generate interest and increase the conversion probabilities.

Influencer Marketing

The strategy that came to stay

We analyze in detail the connection and scope of the influence with your brand. The word Influencer has gone from being a buzzword to being a fundamental strategy in marketing. Do you dare to directly impact your target audience and get sales?


Our goal will be to create profiles based on their behavior

Mobile Marketing

Design and development of mobile applications

We offer you an own platform to generate customized APPs. We use conventional parametrized modules to be used according to your needs or customized modules

Experiences Marketing

Connect your senses through experiential marketing

We help companies to create an emotional bond with their customers, partners and employees through unique, fun and original experiences

Inbound Marketing

Attract, interact and delight

The goal of inbound marketing professionals is to attract new prospects to the company, interact with them on a large scale and delight them individually.

Explore this strategy

We promote your image and presence on the web

Before launching the strategy that best suits your business idea, the Inka Marketing team will evaluate your value proposal and develop the site that best impacts your potential customers.


Digital transformation processes begin with specific training of your employees


In Company training programs

Digital transformation processes really start with job-specific training for their employees


Our own method ``COFORE``

Consulting + Training + Accompaniment in the achievement of results. Analysis of the situation of the company, employees, the sector and the technological infrastructure


We help you launch your company

If you have a project and you are looking for partners who not only put in capital but also give you their experience, count on us

You decide when we start with


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