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Our commitment will be to promote your team professionally

Differentiating elements

  • The teachers participating in this training are PROFESSIONALs of the digital sector, offering their REAL experience in the various digital channels in which they participate.
  • We consider that each company is a world and therefore training can not be the same for all organizations.
  • TOTAL adaptation to the needs of schedules and rhythm of the company.
  • Face-to-face training at national and international level.
  • The training developed by Inka Marketing is tailored and for this reason, it is previously recommended to carry out a consultancy of profiles, objectives, current level of training to adapt and make the most of this training for the members that participate in it.
  • Development of training plans, specialization and recycling calendar.
  • Online Training Programs.
We implement a training process for your company


Agreements with companies

In Company Training

Inka Marketing has agreements with companies to manage the bonus of the Tripartite Foundation so that training is as economical as possible for your company.

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Success Professionals

Teaching team specialized in the design of training programs

Juan Carlos López Quintero, CEO of Inka Marketing, with more than 20 years of marketing experience. Businessman and successful manager.

Specific objectives

Our commitment will be to promote your team professionally

We provide tools and competencies to professionals and managers that allow them to overcome the challenges that companies pose.

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