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SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing

Inka Marketing is more than a marketing agency, we are a partner for your team. Our SMS marketing team will manage all aspects of your campaign, from development, segmentation to reporting.

A healthy database, the quality of your SMS marketing campaigns depends on the health of your database. Clearing the data that has been stored and ensuring its accuracy is key to future performance.

Why SMS Marketing Matters?

90% of people who receive SMS open the messages they receive on their mobile phone within 3 minutes after receiving them. Our team will carry out a thorough review of all your campaigns and previous databases to obtain a deeper understanding of your strategy current SMS marketing. The specific elements of the evaluation include a review of your current design and copys, SMS marketing tools and database status. Then we will use these findings to develop a solid strategic plan that will help increase the effectiveness of your SMS marketing campaigns and grow your business. Whether you are interested in SMS marketing for small businesses or for a large company, we will help you secure new potential customers with specific SMS strategies.

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Database and Segmentation

The heavy work of a large SMS marketing campaign occurs in your database. By keeping the data clean and properly segmented, you will always be ready to launch a perfect campaign using any segment at any time.

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In this action we will use segmented databases for your target audience, in order to capture qualified leads. Our goal is to impact and attract users, to publicize your unique offer of value.

ROI in your SMS Marketing

We build your own database

When the best practices are used, SMS marketing has the highest return on investment of any other channel. Once we start implementing the changes, you can sit down and watch your income increase.

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