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Planning in Social Networks

Perspectives and proven strategies for your target audience

Social networks

We created a well-defined and proven process in the market to work with clients on winning social strategies, either in the whole combination of social network marketing or small-scale plans for product launches. We build customized work plans for success by aligning the audience, objectives, strategies and tactics so that specific and measurable results are achieved.


Our consulting practice works in collaboration with your internal social network team to develop a global strategic direction and a logical measurement plan, in advance. Then, we are here to help you when necessary in the long term, helping you to apply and be responsible for that strategy in a constantly changing space.

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Community Management

After creating a solid strategy, our community managers immerse themselves in the channels of your brand to attract potential and current customers, brand advocates, media and other interested audiences. We have an editorial planning, monitoring and moderation of campaigns with a high level of impact and beneficial results fully tested.

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Buying ads on social media is different from any other ad purchase, since quality content is demonstrably more profitable than average content. Our dedicated media strategists and media buyers combine careful audience selection with real-time optimization. The result? Ads that resonate with the community and exceed the objectives.
Combine this with our content creation teams to get the full impact of our approach.

Content creation

We build your own content

Our internal studies have created content for leading brands for years. Our team of internal content producers plays from the innovative leadership of the blog to the latest video content on the current new platform, playing at the intersection of the community's passions and the goals of your business.
Our approach to content creation ensures that your content performs well on social networks, whether organic or reinforced with means of payment.

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