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Performance Marketing

Another way to understand digital marketing

Pay only for actual results

Ideal marketing strategy to increase your sales, get new leads, generate your own database, traffic to your website and only pay for results obtained

The Marketing of results or marketing of affiliation is an advertising strategy based on paying only for the real results obtained, basically paying for the sale obtained or the lead (contact) captured valid.

With results marketing you get free Branding and free traffic paying exclusively for lead or for sale.

Advertiser: do not continue assuming the total risk of your campaigns, Inka Marketing and its network of publishers share this risk with you playing variable models.

Advantages of Performance Marketing

The Inka Marketing team is a specialist in Affiliation Marketing strategies with more than ten years of experience in the affiliation sector and working with the main sectors of activity: insurance companies, banks, training, tourism and all kinds of ecommerces stores They rely on us today to achieve their results objectives.

Both large and small companies seek to optimize their investments, that’s why branding is no longer valid exclusively, you have to do branding with results.

You decide when we start with


Is there a performance marketing?

Absolutely YES. We are an agency specializing in results

The Marketing of results or marketing of affiliation is an advertising strategy based on paying only for the real results obtained, basically paying for the sale obtained or the lead (contact) captured valid.

How does it work?

We show you how to pay for results

When we talk about objectives, we refer to a conversion, whether it's selling in an e-commece, registering in a landing page or subscribing to a technological platform. In performance marketing the advertiser no longer pays per click (CPC) or per impression (CPM), but per lead (CPL) or per sale (CPA).

You decide when we start with


Customized marketing

We develop your marketing strategy to suit you, we present the most common actions in marketing results according to the type of customer

We use a study with techniques that determine the degree of effectiveness through real data to guarantee the effectiveness in all your sales strategies with the different channels in both digital and traditional media available in marketing.


The model dreamed by all, pays only for the sales made. The return on investment (ROI) is fully guaranteed. This implies that you invoke only for the sales achieved in the campaign.

In this action, technology takes on a particularly important importance in order to track the entire operation by the supports.


When the main objective of the online campaign is to attract users to the web or to a specific landing, the recommended strategy is reinforcement actions through CPC in order to cover a quick objective of the visits and in a fast and efficient way.

From Inka Marketing we will make the most appropriate selection of supports related to your target profile to maximize your investment. We have traffic both nationally and internationally.


Sometimes what the brand is looking for is making a lot of noise for a specific promotion, launching or increasing the brand’s reputation and prestige and expanding its target audience.

We offer you the best selection of affiliate networks and portals so that depending on of your budget enjoy the maximum national and international coverage at the best price.


The CPL campaigns consist of building a database of potential prospects or clients interested in your product or service.

We will design a campaign of high notoriety with a powerful creative concept and hook that will lead to a registration by the users and where they will authorize us expressly that you are directed to them to carry out commercial actions.

The profitability of the shares to CPL is very high, since we assure ourselves a relevant, real and interested public, and we make it available to your commercial strategy.

Libro el marketing de afiliación

We have written a book

Affiliation Marketing

Is there Results Marketing?

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