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Applied Science to Marketing

We believe that studying cognitive neuroscience is the best way to solve the mysteries of human behavior. We believe in the democratization of science to make it more accessible and applicable to the problems of the real world.

Revolution in metrics

In Inka Marketing we go straight to the source, measuring the activity of the brain and other nervous systems so that we can see exactly when people are involved (and when they are not). We quantify attention and emotional levels with second to second precision.

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In our studies of Neuromarketing

the use of sensors capable of evaluating the cognitive and emotional activity of the subjects allows us to analyze and integrate the automatic (unconscious) responses of the consumers, identifying and classifying in real time the sensations, emotions and areas of interest, produced by different stimuli.

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Custom study

En nuestros estudios de Neuromarketing

We rigorously test the performance of the application developed based on industry standards to assess its response capacity, scalability and stability.

Eye Tracking, Facial Expresion y GSR

Recoge actividad cerebral para cuantificar atención y emoción

Nos enfocamos en que la combinación de estos 3 sensores biométricos puede mostrar exactamente lo que una persona está mirando (Atención/Eye Tracking), si están sintiendo una emoción positiva o negativa (Valence/Facial Expresion), la intensidad de ese sentimiento (Arousal/GSR), y las emociones específicas que están expresando en ese momento concreto.

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