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Media planning

Define, manage and optimize marketing strategies

Define, manage and optimize

One of the main functions of the Inka Marketing agency is to define, manage and optimize the marketing strategies proposed to the clients.

Within these strategies, diversification in digital media is key to being able, with real data, to identify the channels that work best depending on the type of client, budgets, products and other characteristics.

Each client is unique

Each client is unique and deserves a particular analysis in order to define a global and multi-channel ON-line strategy in SEM, SEO, Social Networks, Display, RTB, Email Marketing or Affiliation, without of course with the possible combinations in OFF line that must also be taken of course taken into account.

The objective that arises with these actions are of course results, without ignoring the rest of the objectives of branding, notoriety and traffic among others.

You decide when we start with


Initial phase of study

Market study: situation in the market and competition analysis

Objectives, technological infrastructure and available materials

You decide when we start with


Setting objectives

Definition of multichannel strategy

Implementation, monitoring and optimization of the campaign.

Proven experience

Let our team of experts take care of taking you to the success of your campaign

The Inka Marketing team has been helping its clients to achieve their objectives for more than fifteen years, growing with them, with a unique customer loyalty in the market.

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