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We create your own database

Your own database

In Inka Marketing we believe a lot in this option, since by generating a portfolio of potential clients, we can apply the correct strategy so that they become clients.

We are currently developing very ambitious lead generation strategies, getting more than 40,000 new monthly registrations for some of our clients.
We want to help you manage this great treasure that is your database, giving you a personalized advice

Coste por Lead (CPL)

The profitability of the shares to CPL is very high, since we ensure a relevant, real and interested public, in this way we will build a database of potential prospects or clients interested in your product or service. and we put it at the disposal of your commercial strategy. The objective is for the client to show interest and land on a form where he leaves his data, so that the advertiser can contact him by phone or via e-mail and thus gain his trust first and Finish for sale.

You decide when we start with


Design of the campaign to CPL

We evaluate the client's infrastructure, technical details and profile of the users to impact

The objective is for the client to show interest and land on a form where he leaves his data, so that the advertiser can contact the phone or via e-mail and thus win their trust first and end up selling.

How does it work?

We show you how to pay for results

We take into account every detail in: fields of the form, volume of records, quality of the data, price of the lead until the objections are met

You decide when we start with


The most indicated action

We develop your marketing strategy to suit you, we present the most common actions in marketing results according to the type of customer

Before launching these strategies, the Inka Marketing team will have to study the objective of the company and the product or service to be commercialized. We take care of offering you a customized strategy to generate your Database.


We will use the qualified questionnaires when we want to filter more the interest or the profile of the user. This makes the quality of the database is very high since the user has answered the questions determined by the advertiser and we can offer products or services closer to their interests.


If your goal is to generate a large database in a short time we have different actions where the leads can be more qualified:

Sponsoring: a contest is promoted in which the user registers giving his consent to receive different offers.

Co-registrations: the user is interested in exclusive offers and the only thing to do is fill in the form (email and name).


In this action we will use databases semented your target audience, in order to capture qualified leads. Our goal is to impact and attract users, to publicize your unique offer of value.


Actions to invite events, promotions or even encourage web traffic, for this we have database providers to be able to segment by postal codes, age.

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